Before access on mySchool school management system you should consider the following :
*All the pop-ups should be disabled . If you have any search toolbar such as Yahoo , Google , alexa ,...etc you should display it and disable the popup blocker . If you are using windows XP with service pack 2 you should be sure that Internet explorer is configured to support the pop ups by doing the following :
1-click tools
2-click pop-up blocker
3-make sure that the pop-up blocker is off
mySchool� is a highly-interactive web-based School Management System that provides a complete market leading solution for your school's administration. We recognize that Parents, Teachers and Administrators, not Technology, shape and touch the minds of our children.
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mySchool� is evidence of that understanding and commitment.It combines the evolution of software and the internet for the purpose of improving education by fostering an environment for communication, Manage, Control and Monitoring.
mySchool� is the ultimate tool for data, analysis and reporting, along with the means to communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders, immediately and effectively.
Unique Features of mySchool
  • Purposefully designed to meet the varying needs of modern day schools (easily set and control: types of services, report configuration, access privileges, language preferences and more)
  • Simple to learn and maintain (no special codes to learn)
  • Immediate solution to leverage a school’s investment in technology (runs on various software/hardware platforms, fits thin client model, easy to use)
The System is comprised of Six Modules:
  • Student Information System
  • E-learning System
  • Community Web Portal
  • Financial Management System
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Library Management System
You can find out more about mySchool:
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