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City International Schools combine the best of all global academic systems. We offer the American diploma as well as the IGSCE. Through this website, you can view our teaching philosophies in all core subjects, receive updates on coming events and important news, and monitor your child's academic progress via our "my school" program.
Our academic programs are all standard based and we use only the most reputable books in both academic systems. Teachers and administrators are carefully selected based on their qualifications and work experience in the field, and all teachers receive intensive induction training upon joining the school and participate in on-going workshops offered throughout the year.
At CIS, we believe that learning occurs beyond the classroom. This is why we offer a variety of educational field trips, learning activities and practical experiments so that our students receive hands-on training which will assist in the process s of life-long learning. The diverse nature of City International Schools teaches our students the value of coping with and learning from people of various cultures and backgrounds.
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CIS Egg Hunting


Ready to Hunt for Your Easter Basket?

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Giza Pyramids.


Grade 10 Trip to Giza Pyramids 10th of April 2016

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Verona, Italy:

Our young athletes from grades 6-8 will be participating in the annual Mediterranean Cup in Italy at the end of April.  We wish you the best of luck and hope you are as successful as last year's team.

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Instructions for using MySchool

Instructions for using MySchoolClick here

mySchool Tutorial For student & Parent Click here

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Management System
mySchool™ is a highly-interactive web-based School Management System that provides a complete market leading solution for your school's administration. We recognize that Parents, Teachers and Administrators, not Technology, shape and touch the minds of our children.
Community Web Portal
"mySchool" provides the ultimate set of collaboration tools to the school through the web-portal module. These tools enable students to communicate and interact with teachers and other students online through chat, Discussion forums, Topic areas, FAQs and more.
CIS offers a range of activities for children of all ages,CIS offers a great opportunity for younger children to socialise with other children in a safe environment.
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